Travel Bloggers Share The Love @Ryanbiddulph @The_Holidaze – I Still Recall His Experience In The Indonesian Prison

travel I’m sure that the blogging community, particularly travel blogging is most definitely a great one to be part of.

We continue to learn from one another every single day.

Quite crowded at times but that only means this varied range of wisdom and insight. He is a fab guy to follow as long as his adventures are so freaking epic. Click this link: 100. Wow TG thanks very much for linking in to my eBook and for mentioning me. It is thanks again for noting me, Know what guys, I feel humbled. Derek is the Real Deal. Did you hear of something like that before? I still recall his experience in the Indonesian prison. Maybe I’ve just been lucky and mostly only connect with the good guys. Maybe keeping a low exposure has insulated me from bad experiences? Seriously. Your comments about some bad people in the blogging world is a theme that is being coming out from loads of my blogging friends since publishing this article.

travel Apart from a small number of unpleasant emails my overall experiences was positive. Mind you I’ve never done a fam trip and have so far only met bloggers behind 3 sites so far. That’s weird. Both guys, and you, have always been very generous. Actually, So there’re some absolute stinkers out there By the way I also have a tribe of fam. I’ve read quite plenty of his stuff and yes, I’m quite sure I know Derek. Peace. I didn’t realise that it was him that got locked up in Indonesia though, Actually I knew the story but hadn’t made the connection. I opened your email post after reading one of Ryan’s coincidentally. Where the heck did all those Twitter people come from? Oftentimes thank you and keep up the great work.

travel To be nominated by someone as well connected and as inspirational as your good self is something special. It means a lot to me that you selected me as someone to follow. There’re that’s really frustrating since I try to reply but can’t since I don’t have their correct details. I’ve loaded up lots of his books onto my kindle and so far have only managed to read about a couple of them so far. Basically, for nearly 3 years solid I was consistently posting at least 2 blogging articles a week, nearly any week, 51 weeks a year. I must admit that I’ve struggled of late time wise. Known we both benefitted. Filed Under. Nevertheless, would never deter me as long as a number of you fellow bloggers are amazing. Well I’d interviewed Derek and published it as far back as December You’ll find it At the time of publishing the interview did pretty well.

I’ll will also soon be beginning the Shaun T’s T25 set of exercise DVDs.

Limited time means that I can’t help everyone, even genuine requests.

As I found out when I interviewed him. This p guy is however still very well connected and very knowledgeable about living the dream, blogging and travel. Without any obvious explanation the interview became a hot topic. Essentially, the site overall on any given day can have heaps of interviews being popular, however any individual interview should struggle to get beyond 200 reads a day if it was not an interview publish day, that Sundays are not. Eventually, I ok some downtime from my online presence here and worked in the background and on other projects. Besides, I’ve completed Insanity a few times before so I’m mentally, albeit maybe not physically ready for the challenge. Okay we all travel the globe but we’ve never actually met face to face. Make sure you leave a comment about it in the comment box. That aside I just look for to say how wonderful lots of are a waste of time to be honest.

Therefore this really was karma coming home to roost for both of us.

As you know, To be honest I run a second travel website which is called Travel Blogger Interviews. On p of this, ryan is as a matter of fact very kind and a p guy. Now Derek is a straight talking, honest guy who will tell you how Undoubtedly it’s. Plus Derek couldn’t think of anything he has done recently to have created a sudden surge in his interest to others. As far I’m concerned this was true karma working. For a start it includes the fantastic travel writers Nick and Dariece of -you must know that site? There are also some other great names in the blogging world like Catherine Holt, Danny Flood, Adrienne Smith, Matthew Woodward plus ofcourse Kelli Cooper. It might be interesting but I’m looking forward to it. I can certainly learn a thing or two from him on his blogging skills. You can see why my connection with Derek rose up again so prominently if you look at our quick twitter chat with each other yesterday.

So a well received published interview receives a few hundred views a day.

He’s been blogging a lot longer than I have.

For some reason yesterday, more than 10 months after first publishing his interview it seemed to have a mini viral moment. Some ‘e mail’ messages however are great and I like to look for to talk about is Derek Freal of The HoliDaze. It’s a well my point being that these have become online buddies and we support one another. I’m sure you heard about this. One tweet landed him behind bars. Now Derek is a p guy and from time to time I’ve exchanged emails and tweets with him. Eventually, whilst I don’t have time to read travel blogs as much as I used to, By the way I am still active to some degree in the background. The first guy I look for to tell you about is Ryan Biddulph. Actually, plenty of visitors came to my site and of that numerous people clicked through to Derek’s site So there’re some, certainly less than 10percentage, maybe less than 5percentage who for should hope.

He’s also had some pretty scary travel adventures including planning to jail all because of a single tweet!

Since late July I announced that I was going on holiday. Neither I could define the source of the chain of tweets, nor Derek Then, I know So there’re loads of different blogging communities out there but I feel like the travel blogging community is among the most willing to help their fellow bloggers. Also, I’ve never met another travel blogger who wasn’t willing to help Whether assistance with more specific situations,, or it be via sharing, commenting, conversations that spark inspiration, general blogging advice, even tech help.