Using Article Published Dates Effects Seo – Unfortunately I Didn’t Find Anything Useful

 SEO You’ll have more chances to earn inbound links, and a greater ability to entice new readers in the future, with more people seeing and reading your content. Accordingly, it’s in your best interest to maximize your social reach potential by syndicating your content regularly and engaging with your audience -even if the effects are indirect, they’re still measurable in the ‘long term’. Besides, the short answer is no, social media links have no bearing on your search ranking directly. Earning shares on social media can could’ve been part of it. It certainly looks like they did, as you can see below. Let me tell you something. I pulled up Google webmaster ols to see if impressions changed throughout the test periods. It doesn’t just see a link -if it did, any and all links should carry quite similar value, and that would lead to a flood of link spamming, when Google looks at a link pointing back to your domain.

 SEO Instead, Google evaluates the entire atmosphere around the link.

Of these five major link quality considerations, two deal with the source domain of the link.

Rather than the individual linking to it, on social media, the source domain will be Facebook or Twitter -the core platform. By nature, social links must be considered under a separate set of criteria. Yes, that’s right! If someone shares an article directly from your website, that can measure as an indication to Google that the article is valuable or helpful, all social media links themselves are nofollow links, that means Google doesn’t consider link authority to pass from them. Social signals are a realalbeit minor -factor in your search rankings.

On the basis of my own testing and the observations of the two blogs mentioned earlier, it appears that more recent post dates affect traffic positively and post dates further in the past might actually affect traffic negatively when compared without post dates in general. You might see your link ‘reposted’ many times over by different individuals – do these social media based links pass authority in identical way as their domainrooted counterparts, I’d say if one of your pieces goes viral on social media.

 SEO Link building was the subject of much debate in the SERP optimisation community this past year, largely stemming from John Mueller’s comments that link building is something to avoid. Like blogs and forums, my perspective is that this quote is somewhat taken out of context -rather than referring to the process of earning and cultivating links, Mueller was referring to the process of manually placing links on external sites. Displaying dates of the blog article won’t affect your website in SERP optimisation point of view, as Zistoloen mentioned above. I’d say in case you have site blog, additionally mostly there’s an advantage in displaying your article date that is, after that, there is a possibility to show your article in Google News. Older posts always have lesser priority in Google Search results. If your article is more perfect and more user readable thence it might be in the 1st page of Google result. For that you have to display the date and time of the article you published.

Displaying the date of the article has more benefits.

I switched them all back to a recent date.

I wanted to know so I did very straightforward experiment. I changed our blog post dates back to the real dates for a week or so. The actual question is. Could the more recent post dates on all of our blog posts result in a significant increase in traffic?

Back to the real dates again.

We launched a tally new website design a few months ago.

Somewhere along the line we forgot to remove the placeholder dates from the blog templates and so we launched with Aug 8, 2014 as the date for every blog post. 100 – visit this link if you are looking for more info. It ok forever. So, I’m not saying there couldn’t be a correlation, there just wasn’t enough traffic to every individual blog post in the short 1 -2 week cycle of this experiment to find anything significant. Then again, I didn’t find anything useful. I’m pretty sure I didn’t realize that mistake until writing this, Don’t ask why I did that. That said, it didn’t affect the result of this experiment so who cares. I switched all blog post dates to Sept 1, Know what, I realize it’s different from the Aug 8 date that was set when the new site launched. It’s a well google will consider your relevant articles so try to more focus on content and quality.